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3 Exciting Ways to Celebrate Women’s Day

The month of March is here, and that means the International Women’s Day is right round the corner. On March 8th, women all over the globe come together to celebrate their existence as a gender that’s still trying to claim its rightful place in the patriarchal society. Some celebrate it with the special women of their lives, while for some, it might not be any different from the other 364 days of the year. But, however much we want to say that women’s day is not a one-day-activity (every day should be spent empowering women), here are a few exciting ways to spend the day and feel good at the end of it!


Femme Films For The Day


This 8th of March, get your girl gang together at your place, and indulge in a women’s-day-special movie marathon. Curate a customized, well-selected list of women-centric films that will inspire you all in positive ways. Some classic, iconic female-centric movies that you can choose from are 20th Century Women, Wonder Woman, Moana, The Devil Wears Prada, Mamma Mia, Hunger Games, Juno, Brave, Frida, Camp X-Ray, The Iron Lady etc. Spend a chilled-out day of lazing around, gossiping, watching some inspiring movies, and feasting on tubs of popcorn, slices of pizzas and scoops of ice creams to celebrate the women in your life!


Supporting The Women Tribe


Being a woman yourself, it’s up to you to support the other women of this world, especially the struggling ones. This Women’s Day, get involved with an NGO to do your part for the society. Contact any social enterprise that works towards the development of underprivileged women and girls, and give them an opportunity to lead a better life. You could volunteer to help out at your local community centre or your local women’s refugee camp. You could help them out through monetary means, give them some useful gifts this Women’s Day or simply spend some quality time and knowledge with them. The goal is to reach out to the women in your community and make them aware, self-sufficient, and respected.


Gifts For The Girl Gang


Its time you show some appreciation and love to the special women of your life. This Women’s Day, celebrate womanhood with the most important ladies in your life - be it your mum, sister or BFFs. Make the most of your day with these wonderful women and create a greater, stronger bond with them. Lifestyle is having some of the most amazing offers exclusively for you women on this day, so go shopping with the girl gang and have the time of your lives! Women can avail the exciting deal of Buy 2 Get 1 Free* at Lifestyle until March10, along with an additional 5% Off on purchase worth Rs. 3599! Landmark members will also get 5 times the rewards points. What’s more, some styling sessions, makeovers and a lot of fun await you.So, shop till you drop, and get gifts that your special ladies will love!

So, this Women’s Day, celebrate the ladies in your life and yourself, for being just that - a woman. After all, behind every successful woman, is herself!