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Nail Art Time With Ginger Play Paint

With summer hues and styles ruling our wardrobes and beauty choices, why should your nails be left behind? This summer, it’s time to let your nails do all the talking! Read on to know the hottest, summer-appropriate nail art styles that you need to keep at your fingertips, quite literally.


Cool Color Blocking


Color-blocking not only looks stylish in outfits, but on nails too! You can use contrasting hues or even the different shades of the same color family to create interesting multi-color patterns. How about nails that are half pastel pink & half neon pink? 


Go Graphic


It’s time to dive into the graphic world with your smart, minimalist nails. Sport the minimal graphic look on your cuticles using lines, abstract shapes, mosaics, geometric designs and use of negative space patterns. Think clear-coated nails with dark grey lines. 


Trendy Tie- Dye


This season, you can match your cuticles to your pretty tie-dye blouse. Tie-dye is one of the coolest summer manicures that you could flaunt and explore infinite patterns and colors. Choose different neon shades or go soft with pastels/neutrals for a trendy pattern. 


Not-So-Regular French Mani


We all love a classic French manicure, but every now and then, we could do with a bit of fun! Give your regular French mani a summer upgrade by ditching white for a vibrant color or a metallic hue for the tips. You could even go for a reverse French manicure with shimmery or bold hues!


Try out these fun, trendy and pretty nail art ideas with the new Play Paint collection by Ginger! Pick from a wide range of pastels, metallics and bright nail colors and pamper your nails with these trendy summer patterns!