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Peppy Florals by Sonu Yadav, Guest on Board

Having been around for more than a few seasons now, florals may not be your first choice whilst picking an outfit but there is no reason for you to completely overlook the now perennial wardrobe requisite. Also, summer is now almost synonymous with vivacious flowers which bring zeal to your wardrobe, another reason for you to work the trend with a twist. Sonu Yadav, NIFT alumnus and now a Graphic Design student at National Institute of Design, Ahmedabad, gives us a lowdown on fashion’s favourite outing for the season. Read on.



Modern Musings
If an abundance of florals fails to enthuse you, bring it down a notch. Pick separates that feature placement florets or a minimal version of them, and pair with solid colours to bring out the best in your look. Be it a casual day out in the sun or an occasion, the style works its charms everywhere.

Maximalist Crew
If you are in ‘the more, the merrier’ club, go all out as you enliven your summer wardrobe with vibrant colours and striking motifs. From magnificent botanical inspirations to whimsical clusters, go big or go home.