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The Ultimate Friendship Day Gifting Guide

August is just around the corner and you know what that means! Yes, Friendship Day is on the cards and we have all the means to make this day special for you and your friends. This Friendship Day (which is the first Sunday of August), gift your BFFs something that best describes them and suits their personality! Here’s how to pick the perfect gift for your friends on this special day.


For the Social Butterfly

Is your bestie high on life? Have you never witnessed one boring moment when with them? Is he/she the most social person you have ever known? Then trendy clothes can be the perfect gift for a friend who loves to go out! Give her a trendy patchwork denim jacket or a boho-chic maxi dress for all her stylish outings. You can also gift him a smart casual shirt or a printed polo tee. Stylish clothes will do the trick and you will make sure that your fun-loving extrovert BFF is high on style as well!


For the Workaholic

If your bestie spends more time in his/her office than home and also works from home to add to all of it, well we are sad to say but your friend is a stage three workaholic. But you can add a bit of fun to their work life! This Friendship Day, gift her a great leather handbag or a chic tote to carry all her essentials to work. You could even gift her/him a smart leather laptop bag so that they can make a stylish entry at the Monday morning meeting!


For the Travel-Lover

Have a BFF who actually takes that travel bucket list too seriously? He/she might be exploring a different place every other month, but that means you get souvenirs from all those exciting places! On this special day, you can gift your friend a pair of classic sunglasses – stylish wayfarers or trendy aviators – and help them brave the sun wherever they go, be it the hills or the beaches!


For the Party Animal

We all have that one friend without whom a party refuses to get started. Music, dance, drinks, disco lights are what rock your friend’s boat and come weekend or weekday, for them, the party is always on! For such party buddies, go for a great perfume or cologne – a spicy or musky one for a guy, a floral or oriental one for a girl - which they can spritz on whenever they are heading out to dance the night away!


So, this is how you can make the 4th of August (or any day of the year for that matter) special for your lifelines! Head over to Lifestyle and pick the perfect gifts for your BFFs. Give each of your homies a gift that resonates with their personality and your BFFs will be left smiling at the end of this Friendship Day!