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Watches In Vogue: Lifestyle Watchfest With Titan Raga

A lot has changed since the pocket watches of the 16th century, but the watch industry is still taking things at its own pace and doesn’t function on an ever changing conveyor belt of new designs. It’s very different to that of the fashion world, and watch trends tend to come quite gradually, and become truly settled only after years, rather than seasons. But along with all of that, timepieces have grown to be a must-have accessory. They are nothing but an extension of your personal style and are a crucial part of your outfit. So, here’s to trends in the watch industry pacing up, and us taking a look at the biggest trends that must be a part of your watch collection this season.


Chic Cocktail Collection


It’s the season for elegant watches which are the epitome of sophistication. Designed with Swarovski crystal-ed bracelets and mother-of-pearl dials, these watches are perfect to draw all attention to your wrists. Such graceful timepieces come with a carnation gold or a rose gold finish and Swarovski crystals in different colours like grey, white, blue, amber etc. A gorgeous collection of such elegant collection of cocktail watches was newly launched by Titan Raga. Visit the exciting WatchFest by Lifestyle to get your hands on this chic cocktail collection by Titan Raga, and add an elegant twist to your accessory game this summer!


Warm Tones for the Win


We have been seeing the abundance of warm tones in the watch industry for a while now and we think it will be staying strong this year too. The popularity of rose gold as a colour for watches is well-entrenched and we can also see a lot of salmons, browns, bronze as well as amber colours. There’s also the trend of having contrast, cool-hued dials like greens and blues that’ll make your timepiece grab eyeballs. You could also choose warm colours like champagnes and pearl greys for your wrist. These watches are perfect to be strapped on for summer Sunday brunches or cosy coffee dates.


Back to Vintage


Fashion is a circle and keeps repeating trends every few years. The same applies to the watch industry as vintage styles have made their comeback and how, this season. The chic, vintage style of timepieces works best for both daytime as well as evening use. Think beautiful, retro-inspired watches – ornate, classy ones for women; simple, square-dialed, suave ones for men. These watches are perfect arm candies for your daily work-wear or even for dressy dinner parties!


All in the Function


Watchmakers have honed their skills over the years to make these accessories much more than just a time-telling device. In today’s time, watches are all about the functions they provide – so multi-function & chronograph timepieces are an indispensible part of any wardrobe! With features like dual time, speedometers, and even the ability to sync up with your gadgets, these watches are great picks for both men & women. You could sport these cool watches with your athleisure-wear and rock the perfect street style look, or flaunt them on your travels to achieve both purpose and style!


These are some of the hottest watch trends that you need to add to your watch collection this year. What could be a better time to get your hands on these watches, than when Lifestyle is hosting the exciting Watchfest, in association with Titan Raga. You can pick the season’s trendiest timepieces from some of your favourite brands at great offers!