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Winter Switcheroo - Manavi Siddhanti... Guest on board

Come winter and we all look to update our wardrobe and beauty routines for the chilly weather. Which is why we turned to beauty blogger Manavi Siddhanti for her winter switchover secrets. Her few simple tricks and tips will help you tackle the season without burning a hole in the pocket. First, take her beauty advice and opt for heavier creams, moisturisers and liquid foundations. She likes body oils instead of lotions and cleanses every night with micellar water. She’s a big fan of layering for winter weather. Her go-to look is a solid-hued coat with a dress paired with ankle-length boots.

The Switchover

In winter, I switch from a lightweight cream to a heavier formula. Instead of just using a body lotion, I’m big on body oils—olive and almond oils, particularly. When attending events or parties, I make the most of longstay foundations and eye make-up, but once I’m home, I make sure I take it all off with micellar water. (And yes, a quality anti-aging product too is good to add.)


Winter Wardrobe

When it comes to my wardrobe, I’m more inclined towards classic outfits than investing in pieces that are trending. There’s nothing more elegant than a solid-hued sweater paired with an overcoat and ankle-length boots. I also have a soft corner for big scarfs and snoods this time of the year. Shrugs too are big now. In terms of styling, this is the time for the big L - layering!