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Cool Father's Day Gifts For Daddy Dearest

Father’s day is coming right up and your Father maybe silently wondering what you might surprise him with this year. Abiding by the calendar rules, Father’s day occurs each year, on the third Sunday of the month of June, making it take place on the 16th of June this year. Modern dads are smart, tech-savvy, well-dressed, and social media conscious yet-true-to-their-roots superheroes. This Father’s Day, don’t just exhibit your love for dad only on social media, but pick from one of the cool gifting options we’ve got for you to put a smile on his face on this special day!


Smell of Joy

Let your dad remember you every time he sprays on his perfume or after-bath cologne. All year long, you are busy updating your wardrobes so why not pay a little attention to your old man’s grooming. Dads are not that high on maintenance, and need nothing more than a good haircut, a shave and some good old perfume. So, this Father’s day, gift him an intense bottle of fragrance - either a warm scent of spices and wood, or a fresh concoction of citrus and menthol, or even a musky, oriental fragrance for classy, sophisticated evenings.


True to Time

We all know the age old saying of “Time is Money” and our good old pops believe in it more than anybody. With a carefully stitched and designed leather band and a perfect dial, watches are that timepiece which makes a statement on every Dad’s wrist. The gift of a watch is a thoughtful, lasting choice and will make sure that your Dad treasures it for the rest of their life. This Father’s day, gift him a classic, analog, round-dialled timepiece or give him a modern, smart, chronograph watch that’ll amp up his suave suited looks!


Throw on Some Shade

The tropical heat is raising the bar every year, and stepping out in the sun is something your dad has to do every day. So, a trendy pair of sunglasses is a great way to make sure he beats the heat in style! It’s time to add yet another pair of cool sunglasses to his collection. Choose one that suits his face and age – it’s better to go for more classic styles and neutral colors like black, brown or blue, than a funky pair. Gift him a pair of timeless aviators or wayfarers and see how daddy cool takes on the world.


Be a Sport

It doesn’t matter what the occasion is, Father’s Day or even his birthday, sporty dads are always the coolest. Whether he is golf pro or an avid adventurist or loves camping & hiking, a gift of athleisure wear or sporty accessories is sure to make him excited. Gift him the season’s coolest polo tees, or athleisure track pants, maybe duffle bag for his hiking trips or even a sturdy pair of sneakers for all the running around he does. These athleisure gifting options, that are the perfect combination of comfort and style, will make this Father’s Day one that your dad will always remember!


So, these are some of the best gifts that you could invest in, this Father’s Day, depending on what kind of a dad you have. Head over to Lifestyle and get your hands on these cool gifts and more to make your pop feel special on this day. Of course, let’s not forget the old, hazy yet filled-with-love pictures that are going to go up on your social media platforms as a declaration of your love for daddy dearest!