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Kids! Bring The FIFA Fever Home With Kappa

Football fever is at its highest right now, with the FIFA World Cup going on. People all over the world are having an exciting time cheering their favourite teams, having debates on who’ll win each game and enjoying the matches with their friends and family. Now, to make things more exciting for the young dudes, Kappa has launched a new FIFA-inspired collection of polos and tees representing  popular teams competing in the World Cup!  So, here’s how your little boys can enjoy the FIFA season this year, flaunting the Kappa tees and showing support for their favorite teams!
Game night with the boys
There’s nothing your little boy would like more than watching the FIFA games on your flat screen TV with his bunch of friends for company. So, help him plan a little game night with his buddies. Call his best group of friends over, make them some popcorn and see them cheering on their favourite teams as the match goes on. They can all wear t-shirts of the team they support from the new collection by Kappa kidswear and enjoy the match in style! Your kid will definitely have a great time, and will thank you for the next four years for a memorable FIFA World Cup memory!
Bonding over football with dad
Another great way of making sure your son enjoys the FIFA football season is to have some boys’ time together. Bonding with your son over an exciting FIFA World Cup match is a fun way of creating memories with him. He’ll love this exclusive father-son time all the more when you get him a polo of his favourite football team from the new collection launched by Kappa at Lifestyle! So, bring home some chips & soda, and surprise your boy by watching the next match together on your LCD. And whenever he sports his Kappa FIFA-inspired tee. He’ll always remember the fun times you guys spent together!
Creative cheering
Cheering for teams you support is always fun, but you can make it even more so for your kid by helping him make cute props for the show! Making banners with his favorite team’s name, cardboard cut-outs of slogans or other quirky props will add to the excitement of watching the match for your little boy. You can also paint his face with colors of the team he is supporting, and he’ll be beyond himself with excitement! Just make sure the colors you use are safe & chemical-free, and ones that’ll wash off easily. This coupled with his new FIFA-themed t-shirts from Kappa’s new collection will make this his most memorable FIFA season ever!
So, head to the nearest Lifestyle store or website, and get your little man a new Kappa FIFA-inspired jersey today! What’s more, buy Kappa merchandise worth 2500/- & get a football or a bag free! It’s time for your son to enjoy the FIFA World Cup to the fullest!