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10 Goals For 2019

New year means, new year resolutions, and while we all set out to change our lives for the better, at times, we do get a little derailed. But 2019 could be the year that changed it all. Paint a clear picture, set yourself some achievable goals that you will actually enjoy pursuing and let your resolutions guide the way to a better year! Here are some easy-to-achieve goals that can make 2019 a fulfilling year for you.


  1. Buy one thing from your bucket list: Your new goal can be all about saving up a bit and getting that favorite item checked off the bucket list, once and for all. It could be anything from an elegant watch to a pair of nice heels or even a fragrance that you’ve been lusting after since a while. P.S – with the Lifestyle Sale going on, you’ll be spoilt for choice…and offers!<br>
  2. Travel to one new country: Make plans to travel to at least one new country this year. Maybe make it your first solo trip ever? Of course, get some trendy backpacks from a Lifestyle store near your or online to make sure you have all your travel essentials on you during this epic trip!<br>
  3. Make more time for family: This year, take some time out from your busy life to make more memories with your family and loved ones. Spend less time scrolling through Instagram or leave from work on your scheduled time to achieve this goal. You can set tasks or alarms on your smart watch to help you keep a check on how you spend your time!<br>
  4. Manage your finances smartly: who doesn’t suffer the pain of a dwindling bank balance by the latter half of every month. But this year you could try to plan your finances so that you spend sensibly and end up saving some money each month. Maybe once every two months, you can treat yourself to a pair of earrings or a trendy tee as a pat-on-the-back!<br>
  5. Stick to your fitness resolution: The hardest part of every New Year resolution story is sticking to the fitness plans. You resolve to hit the gym, exercise well & have a healthy diet, but unfortunately, each year, your laziness or love for good food gets the better of you. This year, try taking it bit by bit, take the help of fitness apps to keep track of your goals and of course, get some trendy athleisure tees, joggers & shorts to motivate you to work out in style!<br>
  6. Be more social: This year, aim to be a more social, fun-loving and interactive version of yourself. Go out with friends, hang out more with cousins, and on weekends, hit the clubs dressed in trendy party-wear!<br>
  7. Indulge in some self-love: Most importantly, this year, start investing in some self-love. Until, you start loving yourself, in your own skin, you can’t make the world fall in love with you. So, be happy from within, look good and feel good. Take time out to pamper yourself - either with a day at the spa, or by getting yourself a new dress!<br>
  8. Do what you love: This year, indulge in what you love to do and invest in your passion. If you love to do makeup, then maybe try working on perfecting those brows or that highlighting trick this year. Rekindle an old hobby, or just indulge in a new one.<br>
  9. Remember more special occasions: Just like many other mortal soul, you could be a person who is infamous for forgetting birthdays, anniversaries and other important dates. This year, try to make an effort to remember those special days (maybe a planner will help?). Also, make your loved ones feel special by gifting them things they love, like trendy shirts, fancy sunglasses or even a thoughtful gift card, if you are confused.<br>
  10. Spend time with your kids: You are always busy with work, chores, social life. But in the meantime your kids are growing up so fast! So, set a goal of spending some more time with your munchkins, get involved in the way they learn things or dress them up in cute & trendy dresses and pants, and take them out to play.

But above all, be stress-free, indulge in things that make you happy, and don’t be hard on yourself if you can’t achieve all the goals – after all, life’s all about enjoying the journey! Have a fabulous new year!