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The Must-Have Graphic Tees This Season

For some men out there, graphic tees are the ‘go-to’ fashion pick, their universal style favourite and the heroes of their wardrobe. Well it’s the same for some women too (hint boyfriend tees be the best, even better than the boyfriend himself). So, graphic tees are the best buddies for the coolest dudes out there, with a wide array of choices and unbeatable styles available now. You can pair them up with jeans, joggers, chinos and even tracks. So, you can understand why it’s the style soulmate for bachelors all over the world! Here are the kinds of graphic tees that you need in your closet. After all, it’s not the comfiest and most effortless clothing item of the century for nothing!


Quirk Quotient

The humble graphic tee has been elevated and undergone fashion makeovers over the years. It’s a fun and casual fashion piece that pulls together an outfit and can quirk up any mundane look. Go for a printed graphic tee with quirky motifs such as pineapples, moustaches, ships, sneakers or any such cute and off-the-regular-track prints which will make your outfit on-point, any time anywhere. Just team it up with a pair of neutral-hued chinos and loafers you for a cool and casual weekend brunch. You can even add a pair of suspenders to add some more fun to the outfit. Finish off the look with a pair of classic clubmasters for a cool & casual style statement!


Say it with Slogans

With summer on in full swing, graphic tees with funny, sarcastic or inspirational slogans or quotes are actually a fashion essential that can be styled effortlessly with ripped denims and sneakers for anything - be it a campus look or for a casual movie date. Tees with famous Bollywood dialogues or references from Hollywood TV-series or web series are under the fashion radar this season, and are actually one of the staples that any t-shirt lover has to have in his wardrobe. And here’s a disclaimer- if you go for any slogan tee having any lyrics or simply a band name, make sure you actually listen to that band (in order to be saved from instant mockery)


Comic Cool

Now, comic tees are something that can be found in the wardrobes of most trendy men. There are zillions of options to choose from, if you are a lover of all things comic including comic t-shirts, and you can get your hands on tees flaunting your favourite comic characters. You can choose from Marvel or DC superhero tees or Disney tees or Cartoon Network classic characters like Johnny Bravo or Scooby Doo or even Dexter! Perfect for casual day outfits when paired with cool and comfy joggers and trainers, this ensemble is high on the fashion scale and would make you the undeniable street-style star this season.  


Nature Calling

Looking for a staple piece for your holidays? Well a t-shirt with nature and tropical prints is the perfect go-to option when you are feeling like hitting the beaches or going for a cruise. Pair a foliage-printed tee with casual linen shorts in neutral hues like beige or white and slippers for a fun & comfy holiday look. Accessorize the look with a hat and sunglasses and you will be feeling beach-ready even if you aren’t going to one. You can even wear it for a weekend at a resort and bask in the cool & trendy vibes. Perfect for the touristy walk around town, you can even sport these t-shirts in nature prints with denims or joggers and a cool backpack for a fun day out with friends!


Graphic tees are one of the biggest trends right now and if your online search history shows mostly such, then this is your key to fashion forwardness. Update your summer wardrobe with each of these styles and you can own and rock the graphic trend in style!