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Paint Your Pout In Style On World Lipstick Day


On a bad day, all you need is strong coffee & a good lipstick! This International Lipstick Day, that is on the 29th of July, it's time to pay homage to these make-up essentials and also add some new members to your lipstick collection. Here’s a quick low-down on your favourite beauty products that help you pucker up in style!



Lipstick Trivia


Did you know that under the Roman Empire, lipstick was worn not only by the women, but the men as well, and served as a social status symbol. Also, during the rule of Queen Elizabeth I, she popularized lipstick so much that it was actually used as a substitute for real currency. Also, did you know where your lipstick gets that beautiful sheen and shine from? Well, fish scales apparently. 



Sassy Shades


Though your vanity staple has evolved a lot over the years, there is one thing that remained constant – the chic finishing touch a pretty lip color gives to your entire look! Well, when it comes to lipstick shades, this season has it all from the bold red vinyl to the 90's brown to the soft rosy mauve to a trendy tangerine twist. Which one will you pick?



Trend Talk


When it comes to your lips, gone are those days when your lipstick had to be coated smoothly on perfectly defined lips. The era of the perfectly imperfect lips is here. Powder lipsticks, lip tints and stains, creamy yet matte lipsticks are becoming all the more popular for achieving that messy-on-purpose, gradient lips. You could also try out a bolder trend of super shiny, metallic or glitter lip colors for those special occasions!



It’s time to experiment with your lippie choices and take the big plunge. And to help you do just that, Colorbar is offering you to take home 3 lipsticks at the price of 2, at your nearest Lifestyle store, from 24th of July to 6th of august. So, this World Lipstick Day, let your pretty pout do all the talking!