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The Party Edit - Anamika Chanda.... Guest on Board

Stylist Anamika Chanda has been a fixture in the Bengaluru fashion scene for the last 11 years. In her work as an editorial fashion stylist and commercial fashion director, she's always tried to showcase the vibrant personality of the garments and her models, bringing their individuality forward. Which is why we turn to her for style inspiration this party season. Anamika's own eclectic and edgy look, which she says is influenced by European insouciance, is a blend of the masculine and feminine. She loves leather jackets and pairs them with sheer dresses or delicate tops, playing with volume, textures and shape.



Livin’ On The Edge

A pair of skinny denims and a jacket is my go-to, stepping out look. I like to play with volume and silhouette, so I’ll couple this with either an A-line or a frilly top. I also like mixing shapes and fabrics. So I’ll put together sheer with a much harder texture. Go on pair a sheer wraparound with a leather bolero jacket. Check some mixes here.



Come Together

I admire the European fashion sensibility of mixing together disparate elements. Black is integral to my wardrobe, so if I’m wearing a pair of black boots, I’ll balance that with pop colours in the rest of my outfit. I like eccentricity in fashion. You should find out what works for you and then tweak it according to what’s trending right now.