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Rakhi Gifting Made Easy

Festive season is upon us and Rakhi is here to help you celebrate the brother-sister bond. Rakhi celebrates the special, unbeatable bond between a brother and a sister and we know how a bittersweet relationship that can be! Well to make this day and your unique bond even more special, we have rounded up some of the most thoughtful, pocket-friendly gifts that you can give each other on this special occasion!


Sibling Squad

If you are blessed enough to have a brother of your own, Rakhi must have always been a much celebrated festival in your family. Think back to the countless memories of fighting over the TV remote, the last laddoo in the tin and of course, your mother's love; and give your brother/sister a special Rakhi gift this year. How about gifting a trendy smartwatch to your bro and getting a crystal-studded watch for the sister as you take an oath to spend more quality time with each other?


Cool Cousins

We are talking about none other than those cousin sister-brother relationships which are so close that they are often mistaken otherwise. This bond has blossomed over the years as you spent all those summer vacation days and weekends at your uncle’s or aunt's home. So gift your brother/sister a nice perfume with a sweet musky or a fresh citrusy fragrance this Rakhi and thank them for all those years that they have stood by you!


Brother from Another Mother

If you are fortunate enough to get a friend who is more like a bro to you, you might know what we are talking about. Such brothers come in our lives when we are least expecting it and their protective yet understanding nature is the epitome of how cool brothers can be. This Rakhi, you can gift your friend-turned-bro trendy graphic tees or holiday-perfect shorts, while they can gift their sister a pretty dress or a trendy top.


Best Brother (In Law)

You got to thank your sister for this one here. We all have that 'jiju' or brother-in-law in our lives who gives all the meaning in the world to the word. They are always there to help when you are in trouble and team up with you to save your skin in front of your sister. So, this Rakhi, gift your saviour a classic leather wallet and men can give their sister-in-law a chic handbag/sling bag in return.


Sis code > bro code

Well, who needs a brother when we have a sister who can take the bullet for you. Sisters are sheer angels in disguise as you can practically share anything and everything with them. They are souls you should celebrate not just on this day but on every single day. This Rakhi, make them feel all the more special by gifting them a beautiful necklace or a gorgeous pair of earrings. You could also gift each other some make-up love and keep your bond shining brighter than your highlighter!


If you still haven’t figured out what to give your brother or sister on this special day. Head over to Lifestyle and take your pick from a range of trendy clothes & accessories that’ll surely put a smile on their face!