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Stripes Are Here To Stay

Stripes Are Here To Stay


You could take a look at any fashion magazine, any style blog, or any fashion blogger’s Insta feed, and there will be at least one thing in common, - that’s stripes. Horizontal, vertical, diagonal, or even chevron stripes are making it big this season. If you want to look slimmer, or highlight or conceal certain parts of your figure, stripes are going to be your best friend. Stripes are one pattern that never go out of style and that means you don’t have to ditch your old striped clothes & accessories as they are still in trend! Let’s take a look at how you can slay this universal, trendy pattern all season long.


Think Thin and Vertical


When you are all about choosing form fitting pieces like bodycons, long skirts, etc., it’s best to go for thin stripes as they make you look thinner. Thinner stripes will look flattering as you don that belted striped shirt dress and ballerina flats for a cute summer outfit. As for matters of the bottom, it’s always advisable to go for vertical stripes if you are lesser on the height department. Vertical stripes look elongating, especially in the case of pants and you could pair it up with a chiffon shirt or a bandeau top and a denim jacket. You could even go the casual way with stripes by donning a striped blouse or a crop top with a pair of black or white jeans and trendy flats.


Formally Striped


Now, most of you might be thinking that stripes are best sported off the conference room. But, that’s not the case at all. You could don stripes at work and how! We are all about wearing striped monochromatic look, and you could go for a black and white striped shirt, with a black pencil skirt. You could even choose to incorporate that striped touch with the help of a blazer over a shirt and crisp trousers. Or if you want to go all out, you could go for a thin, vertical pinstriped formal dress with neutral heels and a classy watch. You’ll surely make a stylish impact in the boardroom!


Wear Stripes The Right Way


There are different ways to wear stripes and it all depends on your body type, features and how you want to put it across. A loose-fitting striped shirt with something high-waist-ed shall be suited for a curvy body. If you have a thinner top and a curvier bottom, then you should go for an outfit with a vertical striped top and a solid-coloured bottom. If you are bold enough, then take different colours of stripes, and print-mix away to glory! You could even diversify and mix your stripes with other prints such as floral and geometric, for a fun fusion look!


So, this season, wear your love for stripes in any way you want – just remember to choose the stripes that flatter your body type and accentuate your best features! If you don’t have enough stripes in your wardrobe, then head over to Lifestyle now and take your pick from the new Spring-Summer collection that has chic & trendy striped pieces!.