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The Trendy Girl's Guide to Nailing The Perfect Party Make-up



The party season is here and all you girls out there are making last minute preparations in order to end the year with a bang! New Year’s Eve plans are being made, outfits are being decided and days are being counted to the end of yet another exciting year. But, in all the fuss about picking the perfect look for NYE, don’t ignore the fact that your make-up needs to be on point too if you want to stand out in the party crowd! So, here’s another glam-chic party make-up look by celebrity make-up artist Elton J Fernandes that’ll make sure you turn heads this party season!


Prep and polish

Holiday season means eating out, late nights and irregular skincare schedules. So, your skin might not be in the best of state at this time of the year. In order to get a glow on your tired skin, use an illuminating lotion that’ll not only hydrate your skin, but give it an iridescent sheen as well. Top it off with a light foundation that gives you nice coverage and a smooth, even base for your make-up. A light yet defining contour along the jawline and cheekbones with a highlighter or bronzer can sharpen up your face for that perfect glamorous elegance!


‘Eye’ see you

No party look is dramatic enough without some bold move on the eyes. What about ditching the ubiquitous smoky eyes and play around with a bit of colour and technique? Have some fun by trying a cheek tint or blush as an eye shadow – take a mauve-ish shade and smoke up the inner and outer corners of your eyelids. Use a bit of highlighter to get some shimmer & glow on the centre of the lids and blend it with the eye shadow. Quirk up your eye make-up by going for an electric blue eye pencil to line the lower lid. Draw a thick line and smudge it out slightly with a darker-hued eye shadow for a Gothic look. Go bold with blue mascara to pump up your lashes, and your eyes will do all the talking!


Brow beauty

Brows have been a big thing this year in beauty trends, so why not groom up the generally-overlooked part of your face?  Experiment with your brows a bit and use two different coloured eyebrow pencils to fill up those fringes. Mix shades like grey and brown to make your brows look bold, and brush them outwards to create a feather-like not-so-clean-and-lined effect. Make-up is supposed to be fun, so try out new things and don’t be afraid to start your own trends!


Loaded lips

Lips are yet another canvas on which you can experiment when it comes to party make-up. Be it glam and glossy, or bold and berrilicious, the perfect pout can be the best finishing touch to any party look. A tinted lip balm is a must-have in your party make-up kit, as it moisturises and plumps up your puckers while adding a hint of colour. If subtle is what you are aiming, then you can leave it at that but, if you want to go all out, then go for a dark & decadent brown, burgundy or berry toned lipstick for a perfectly bold and beautiful pout! You can even mix two or more of your favourite lip colors to get a new shade that complements your party outfit!


Finish off your look with some light highlighting & strobing, brush up on some finer details like frizzy baby hair or droopy brows, and you are all set to rock the party! Here’s to ending the year in style! Cheers!!