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Valentine's Day Gifts For All Stages Of Relationships

Valentine's Day Gifts For All Stages Of Relationships


Valentine’s Day isn’t a special day just for committed or long-term couples, but for all of you out there who are in any kind of romantic relationship. But once you are past that casual acquaintance, no longer can you make do with roses and chocolates. It’s time to get your creativity flowing, show your partner how much they mean to you and get him/her something they shall cherish forever. And along with the evolution of your relationship, the gifts too should be getting more thoughtful. Each stage of relationship calls for a different token of love, and it shall add to the intricacies of your love story.


The First Date

This is starting point of every relationship and as they say, the first impression is the last impression. So, show your date that you put in some thought and efforts and he/she will already be giving you full points. Make sure that you turn up looking your best! A gift card is the perfect V-day gifting option for such primary dates, as you don’t really know the person very well yet. The Lifestyle gift card is a great way of making sure that your special someone can pick whatever he/she likes as a gift from you, and they’ll love you even more for that!


Casually Dating

Now, once you are through the first date phase and go onto consecutive dates, but not into an official relationship yet, things can become a bit confusing. You don’t really want to seem too casual with your V-day gift but also not too extravagant. Well, exchanging a thoughtful yet not too intimidating gift on Valentine’s Day can be the perfect way to take the relationship one step forward. You could give each other trendy accessories like a wallet or a tie for the man or maybe a chic sling bag or a lovely necklace for the lady.


Finally Committed

Yes, finally, both of you are together and it’s official. Now’s the time to start the splurging process and of course, by now you will start to gather tips, on each other’s tastes and preferences. So, get your girl a clothing item of her choice - it may be as dressy as a Little Black Dress or as casual as a jumpsuit or a nice skirt. As for the man, you could get him a smart casual polo t-shirt or maybe a formal shirt or even a true blue pair of denims. These are bound to work as the stepping stone of a successful relationship and lead the way towards you two being tagged as the most fashionable couple around!


Eagerly Engaged

Now is the time when things start to actually get official, like visiting each other’s family functions, bonding with each other’s siblings etc. This is the first stage in a relationship that actually involves more than just the two of you. But Valentine’s Day should still be as exciting as it ever was, so get something special for your fiancé or fiancée. Perfumes make for a perfect V-day gift. It could be something floral or oriental for the to-be-bride and something woody, spicy, or musky for the groom-to-be. Apart from getting appreciation for a well-liked gift, your closeness with your loved one will always smell nice!


Happily Married

Once you both are officially husband and wife, your relationship takes a 360 degree turn. But your V-day gift choosing skills should only be getting better with time. Now, you know your partner inside out, and he/she deserves an exquisite and one-of-a-kind gift. Get your spouse a trendy new watch on your first Valentine’s Day as husband and wife. It could be one with a colored dial or a rose gold band for your wife. Your husband will love a trendy multifunction watch from you on this special day. And whenever any of you look at the time, it would always remind you of your other half!


So, are you ready to make the correct choices and go up the ladder of love, starting with this Valentine’s Day itself? Whatever stage your relationship is in, head over to Lifestyle and pick the perfect gift to woo your loved one on this special day!