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Xmas Party and Winter Weddings on your mind?

Here’s a chance to reinvent your look and change your party wardrobe this winter with the Lifestyle Sale! The coolest trends? We have them all!


Lace is back!

A little bit of lace is all you need to rev up your winter party look. It’s trendy, sassy, classy and gorgeous! Try wearing a long jumpsuit or a cute little red dress with lace details and you’ll be runway ready.


Sequin drama.

Yes, sequins are a lot of much invited and looked forward to drama! There’s so much you can do with sequins – hint at some glamor or go gaga with it, make it into a statement or just refresh your look.

The Heel Deal!

Party heels have become so much more than just a black shiny pair of stilettoes. You can experiment with colors, types of heels, embellishments and material and so much more. Our favorites are contrasting heels that pop out your outfit!


Dashing Blazers

Blazers are the easiest and classiest way to switch your look to a party one! Men have so many choices nowadays with materials, printed and embellishments. Just add on a broach and matching shoes and your guy is all set to rock!


Christmas is almost here and New Years’ just a few days away… Stock up now at the Lifestyle Sale with a Preview Sale up to 50% off and 10% cashback on HDFC credit cards. *T&C applied.