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A Brief History Of Jumpsuits

A Brief History Of Jumpsuits 


With such busy and complicated lives, we all must lead nowadays, the last thing we want is our outfits to be equally complicating and fussy. Maybe that’s one of the major reasons why humble jumpsuits came from the old wardrobes of factory workers to be a solid fashion favourite today. Jumpsuits are the best way to get dressed quickly without having to worry about matching separate ensembles and this all-in-one outfit is all about being chic, uncomplicated and go-to option for any occasion. (Disclaimer: restroom breaks should be monitored judiciously) But did you know how these fashion favourite came into being such a trendy style? Let’s do a quick flashback and see when the jumpsuit came into this world and how it evolved to what it is today.


The Namesake

We all love the jumpsuit but have you ever wondered how it got such a name? Well, that dates back to as old as 1919 when a Florentine designer, Thayat designed the first piece of jumpsuit and it was literally for jumping (not even kidding). This fashion item wasn’t exactly the epitome of glamour back then as it was created for parachuters, pilots, aviators, race car drivers and sky divers for jumping out of a plane or a car. So the name became synonymous with its (extremely dangerous) work. But it does have its historic perks such as Neil Armstrong wearing it to the moon!


First Step in Fashion

Jumpsuits first showed up on the fashion map in the 1930s when the revolutionary designer Elsa Schiaparelli innovated a daring and bold design line showcasing easy-on, easy-off air-raid suits that had matching gas masks, velvet turbans and flasks. This collection was inspired by an oncoming war (WWII) that basically had women’s green silk jumpsuits with large pockets on the front. Luxury jumpsuits weren’t really on-the-go then, but cotton overalls were cut and worn by women in the 1940s as they headed to workplaces in place of their husbands who were fighting overseas. These were designed by Vera Maxwell and the posters showcasing women in one-piece and a polka dot headband went onto become a cultural icon of women empowerment.



Best Jump Forward

The jumpsuits made their appearance again in the 60s looking their best when designers such as André Courrèges, YSL and Norma Kamali began to make it their own. Its popularity set new bounds when designer Irene Galitzine designed her signature piece of the Palazzo-styled jumpsuits and it wasn’t long before it became the cult costume for pop stars. Starting the journey in world of music with Elvis Presley rocking the iconic white jumpsuit followed by David Bowie in Ziggy Stardust as well as Madonna and Britney Spears later on. Women’s fashion was becoming increasingly liberal as the jumpsuit started delivering the ease of pants while offering the illusion of a dress.


The Comeback

The 80s jumpsuits were all about bigger and bolder as the cuts of power suits mixed with fabrics, colors and embellishments of party dresses gave way to them. These were definitely statement outfits which lead to the increasing appearances of jumpsuits on red carpets in the 2000’s. This was when the jumpsuit really started to be taken seriously and this fashion item started to get toned down to become more versatile and effortless. Today, most designers have sent at least one piece down the runway and well, we all know it’s super easy to wear and flatters the figures the best. The cinch at the waist defines the silhouette and helps to give the illusion of a leaner and taller body frame.


This trendy, ultimate outfit-in-one, is a perfect blend of ease, comfort, attitude and sass, and that’s precisely you should be including them in your summer wardrobe! Go to Lifestyle and take your pick of the season’s coolest jumpsuits that you can flaunt everywhere – from lunch dates, to movies with friends, to weekend music festivals, and even to the most happening parties!