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Easy Workouts You Can Do At Home

Easy Workouts You Can Do At Home 

Every year, we run to the gym to take memberships that are used for only the initial few days. But, why do we always associate our fitness resolutions with over-rated gym memberships? Who said you can’t work out effectively five feet away from the couch? Gentlemen, this New Year, live up to your fitness resolutions for a change and ditch the gym for the easiest (and free) exercise venue – your home. You can do all of this while sweating in solitude or you can bring down the house with your favourite playlist to get you all pumped up. Moreover, to motivate yourself further, you can update your workout wardrobe with effortless, stylish and comfortable active-wear from Kappa; and you can make those workout sessions at home all the more fashionable! Well, heading home instead of the gym won’t be such a bad idea anymore as you can still have a fab workout and brownie points for the post-exercise shower and smoothie being just steps away! 


Barrel Chest Bedroom Workout

Just as the name suggests, in order to get a tough and lean chest, follow these exercises vigorously taking a 3 minute rest between every set and then repeating the same. The workout consists of push-ups (10-15 reps) followed by pull-ups using the door frame, the trick is to do as many reps as possible. To do a push-up effectively, draw the shoulder blades back and down while keeping the elbows tucked closely to the body. Pull-ups need to be done right too by keeping your hands facing away from yourself and pull yourself up till the chin is above the bar. Repeat the set one or two times for the best results. Indulge in this activity in a dry-fit tank tee and jersey shorts from trendy active-wear brand Kappa to stay cool and comfy even while you sweat it out!


Lower Body Muscle-Builder Workout

In order to build your lower body muscles, go for five sets of bodyweight 1-1/4th squats and Dumbbell Romanian Deadlift with 10 reps each and 90 seconds rest between the two. Though the names sound complex, these exercises are easy and effective with the former being a bodyweight squat but just coming up 1/4th of the way, dropping back down all the way and then coming back up fully (and that’s one rep FYI). The Dumbbell Romanian Deadlift sounds deadly, but just needs you to be in a standing position with arms perpendicular to the floor and hold any weight alternative to dumbbells. Flex your hips and bend your knees partially as you move back and forth from the starting position. Just don a tee, track pants and trainers from Kappa and you’re all set! Fortunately, the brand has a wide range of trendy options for you for a hassle-free workout session in the comfort of your own home!


The Back-Saver Workout  

To build a strong, lean and straight back and reduce tummy flab, follow this workout consisting of push-ups, planks and prone press ups.  Do 3 sets of each with 12 reps of push-ups, 10 reps of prone press-ups and 60 second plank with 90 seconds of rest in between. To do the prone press-ups, you have to lie face down on the floor positioning your hands as you would in a push-up and push the upper body up keeping the legs and hips on the ground. Hold for a few seconds and then back to the starting position. To do the planks correctly, place your hands directly under the shoulders and keep your head in line with the back. A trendy yet comfy sweatshirt and a pair of joggers is just what you need to take you effortlessly through all these movements with ease. Check out the range of sweats, hoodies, joggers at Kappa and take your pick for a stylish yet effective workout session at home!


Abs-Obliterator Workout

Now, which man doesn’t wish to have nice abs and increase the core strength of his body? To acquire just that, you need this workout comprising planks and the superman hold of 3 sets each and 30 seconds hold with a 60 second rest between the two. The plank is one of the most effective and classic exercise for the abs along with the superman hold adding its own value. To do this hold, all you need to do is lie flat on the ground with your chest down and extend your arms and legs in a straight manner. Now, simultaneously raise your arms and legs as far as you can and hold this position. Kappa has a great collection of comfy and stretchable tracksuits that’ll not only help you move freely during workout, but also keep you cool & dry too! So, choose your workout clothes with care and stay fit without having to hit the gym!


Reasons like long hours at work or a tight monthly budget are not excuses to skip your workout sessions anymore. With trendy and comfortable workout clothes from Kappa, there’s no reason to skip your fitness resolutions this year! Indulge in these easy, effective and killer workout routines right at home and get yourself in perfect form in no time!