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Five Ways Yoga Helps You Lead a Healthier Life

World Yoga Day is here and you all must know that this ancient form of fitness has come a long way to become one of the popular styles of working out today. This holistic way of fitness has multiple benefits and now you can pull off cool yoga poses in even cooler active wear, thanks to the trendy athleisure by Kappa. If you thought you can’t lose weight by following a routine that doesn’t involve treadmills or barrels, or doesn’t need you to stay away from carbs and sugar, then you must try yoga. Neither do you have to hit the gym nor consult a dietician (though that’s totally brownie points), Yoga will give you more than just a fit body, it will give you a fit mind as well So, pick some stylish yoga gear from Kappa on or head to a Lifestyle store near you and indulge in the practice of Yoga which helps you lead a holistic healthy life!


Lose those Extra Kilos

Let’s start with what half the female population (or more) in this world aspires to achieve, that is weight loss. Yoga helps you to lose about 3-6 calories per minute according to general research, leading you to lose about 180-360 calories in a 60-90 minutes session. Then there are also certain types of yoga that are more vigorous than the others such as power yoga, hot yoga, vinyasa etc., that help to burn those calories at a faster pace. If losing weight wasn’t enough, it’s also been scientifically proven that people who practice yoga regularly are much less likely to gain weight than those who do not. So my dear yoginis, it’s time to get those leggings and tank top on, and slay those yoga moves like a pro!


Healthy Body = Happy Body

We all have heard yoga helps make our body flexible and healthy, regulate our metabolism and improve our immunity but how exactly does it do that? Yoga poses are designed in such a way that they strengthen and stretch the muscles resulting in increased flexibility. This can help to reduce aches and pains (especially ones related to your back) as well increase blood flow in the body that in turn leads to a better immune system and metabolism. Also adding to the list, slow and controlled yoga movements increases your muscle strength (without having to lift weights at the gym), thus making it a total win-win for your body. So, get those yoga capris and graphic tees on, and get started on your journey to a healthy body!


Peace of Mind

A lot of people tend to underestimate the importance of mental peace and happiness in one’s lifestyle, but this, in fact is one of the most crucial factors of a healthy life in our hectic and stressful existence. People are so busy managing their work, family, relationships etc. that they have less time, less privacy and most stress than ever. Stress and anxiety can take a toll on your body if unchecked - for example; stress releases the hormone Cortisol that leads to unwanted fat and unhealthy weight gain. Yoga helps to keep Cortisol in check as it helps to soothe and relax the mind and body, thus giving you the peace of mind you very desperately need in this fast, ambitious, unforgiving world. So, it’s time to invest in a pair of joggers and crop top, and get your Yoga A-game on!


Stay Focused

Well, as easy as that seems to be said; it isn’t so easy to do it. We all know how hard it is to stay focused and concentrate on important aspects of your super-busy life. Be it a hard day at work or a not-so-good day at home, it easily takes a toll on our ability to focus and remain calm when that’s the need of the hour. Taking yoga lessons definitely helps your mind to strengthen its focusing abilities and increase its concentration power. This not only enhances your work skills and efficiency at your workplace but also leads to a happier, more composed atmosphere at home. So, take some time out of your busy schedule, go shopping for yoga shorts and tees from Kappa and head to your nearest yoga centre for a healthier & fitter lifestyle.


A Good Night’s Sleep

The effect that Yoga has on your sleep is incredible to say the least. It has a calming effect, just like that lullaby your mom used to sing, as it has a calming effect on the body that helps you to sleep better at night. Yoga helps us to indulge in undisturbed, peaceful sleep making our bodies heal and preparing it to face another hectic day. Also, it leads one to achieve inner strength, self-love and be at peace with one’s body and soul, automatically making for a stress-free sleep. You can work towards a peaceful sleeping habit in comfortable yoga pants and t-shirts from the athleisure range by Kappa.

It’s pretty clear that yoga is more than crazily contorted, gravity defying poses; it’s something that can change the entire purpose of your existence, from a stressful life to a happy and healthy life. So, this World Yoga Day, go forth on this new and fulfilling journey to a better, healthier you. Take your pick of the trendiest Kappa activewear at up to 50% off at the Lifestyle Sale happening online & in-store, and embrace Yoga for a fitter life!