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Iconic Watches That Have Made History

Iconic Watches That Have Made History


Harvey Mackay had once said, “Time is free, but it’s priceless.” To measure such a priceless commodity, we need instruments that are as precious. Hence, it’s imperative to have a good collection of watches that not only help you keep the right time, but ones that also complement all kinds of outfits! You may be a connoisseur who has a taste for great timepieces, but did you know about some of the most iconic watches in history? Here’s a lowdown on some great timepieces that have made a name in history for themselves, and similar pieces that you can add to your collection without having to break your bank!


Cartier Santos


As early as 1904, Cartier developed the first ever of wrist watches known to mankind and it gets its name from the requestor himself, a Franco-Brazilian aviator Alberto Santos. The crucial problem that faced this talented aviator was not his challenging career but the fact that he had difficulties checking time mid-air as he couldn’t let go off the steering wheel every time to pull out his pocket watch. Well, Cartier definitely solved his problem, and of millions afterward, as it was none other than a revolution in the world of watch-making. The classic, sleek and alluring design of a wrist-watch not only solved Monsieur Santos’ time-checking woes, but also gave us an accessory that we can’t live without. It has an iconic analogue dial in the shape of a square or an octagon with curved edges and quartz embedded all along the rim and is worth quite a bundle. Get yourself an irresistible watch from Titan Edge range in a similar mixed-metal style to get the feel of this iconic timepiece!


Jaeger-LeCoultre Reverso


As posh as the name sounds, this watch was handcrafted specifically for the elite polo playing society of Great Britain in the year 1931. The highlight of this watch was a watch-case that could spin around to avoid the watch glass from cracking due to extreme force. This prevented the wrist watch from breaking or undergoing cracks when worn during polo sessions. The art deco styling of this timepiece was downright classy with neutral colours like white, black and muted gold. The design of this high end watch was highly appreciated and it’s one of the pieces most sought-after by watch-collectors still today. It boasts of a rectangular shaped dial, an angular case and bold blue hands that distinguish it from million other watches. A suave timepiece with a square dial & leather band, from the Titan Classique collection, is just what you need if you like this iconic polo-players’ watch.


Rolex Submariner


Debuted in 1953, this watch was the first ever professional diver’s watch with water-proof abilities up to 100 metres. There was a lot of talk before the launch of this watch with various field tests being conducted by Rolex. And finally when it was made available to customers, it showcased unthinkable technological advancement such as a screw-down crown system known as Twinlock. It’s the ultimate diving watch and is durable, legible, sleek, and is known to adorn the wrists of Sean Connery, the first ever James Bond. The iconic multi-function features, silver strap & bold dial have inspired many designers in the future. If you can’t take your eyes off this vintage timepiece, then pick up a similar chronograph style for yourself from the smart Titan Edge collection!


Omega Speedmaster


Also going by the name of ‘speedy’ or ‘moonwatch’ for all the correct reasons, this half a century old watch is considered to be the quintessential sports chronograph. It was initially created professionally for the race track but later found itself in the NASA labs eventually becoming their official timepiece. And the most interesting fact! Well, it not only became the first timepiece to be worn on the moon strapped onto the hands of Buzz Aldrin in 1969 but it also saved the lives of numerous astronauts during the 1970 Apollo 13 Mission. So, this watch speaks of immense pride and prestige in the history of watches even today! A silver metal-strap watch with a black round dial from the Titan Classique range is your answer to the prayer of owning a similar piece as this iconic Omega.


So, now you can impress your friends & family by showing off your knowledge of historical watches, as well as flaunting timepieces that are strikingly similar to these icons of the watch-world! Head over to your nearest Lifestyle store or website to take your pick from the most dapper watches from Titan and more and stand out in the crowd with these trendy timepieces!