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What kind of Diwali will you have?

It’s not just one day or event after all! Diwali is all about those many moments and memories that define your celebrations. These moments happen with friends, family, food, lights, decorations, fashion and so much more… What’s your Diwali going to be like ?


Mithe wali Diwali?

Sweets, sweets, everywhere, not an inch in your tummy! All set to hog your way into festivities? Cheat day is going to become plural, because a little extra holiday weight ‘to banta hai, yaar!’ Keep that roomy pair of printed harem or sharara pants handy!


Slaying it wali Diwali?

Jewelry, sequins, dazzle and slay! Wear your mood this Diwali with all kinds of bling on you. Jhumkis on your mind or chandbalis? Bling on your party dress or your festive kurta ? Shoes or bags ? Sparkle it your way!


LIT wali Diwali?

Diwali parties all over? Office wali, ghar wali, doston wali, neighborhood wali, or alumni wali? And you wanna be LIT at each one of them? Be a different you for every event and define yourself in style!


#SquadGoals wali Diwali?

Stay at home with pizza and friends! Or cuddle up with your fur-friends… Plan a midnight drive with your besties or slay it all night dancing with your closest girls! Set the highest of Squad Goals for all to envy. This Diwali can be your best friends’ favorite!


Swag wali Diwali?

Family reunions, ya special surprise visit to your grandparents’? Set up huge ragolis, or dance all night to Bollywood DJ parties. Just do it all with swag! Style up with the coolest accessories and fashion styles from Lifestyle stores.


You have other plans in mind? Tell us about your kind of Diwali. And then head to Lifestyle stores to prep up for the new ‘Dil se Diwali, Dher Sari Diwali collection!